Abbie Enk, 2020        630-807-9052 

Starting at a young age, I discovered a passion for photography. I would spend hours trying to capture the birds and flowers in our yard just right.  One of my mother’s favorite birds are orange orioles, which can still be seen at my parents’ house 45 minutes outside of Chicago. I love capturing people in their element, but in a natural way. Environmental portraits allow me to photograph people organically, compared to taking the images in a studio. 

During high school, my interest in the arts grew as I took graphic design and photography classes. Through the encouragement of my teachers in early stages of my life, I chose to pursue graphic design as a career at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Design is really about problem solving, and my passion is finding  that solution.


I will earn my degree in Communication Design during Spring 2019.In my professional career, I strive to combine these skills in a way that compliments one another.


Shoot me an email to discuss your projects and ideas.


Photo by Roost Photography: